b4uOne of project of B4U Trades to overcome the rapid growing need of taxi services in Pakistan. Bravo is not basically only mobile APP but also give facility for those who don’t have their own car and want to work with Bravo as driver. The main features which distinguish Bravo from other current application cab services in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Bravo application is multilingual. It Urdu version is also available for those who don’t understand English
  • Bravo almost cover all type of transportation to facilitates everyone in Loading unloading stuff, Pick and drop school going kids , shifting homes , lifting and dragging stuff etc .
  • Bravo give their own cars to those who don’t have their own convince or car and they can work still as driver with Bravo as “Bravo Boss”
  • Bravo is a complete physical Project of B4U Trades unlike other companies in Pakistan having only Mobile application.
  • Bravo has very interesting new modules like ridesharing module , outstation module and much more

Bravo Cab goal is to empower traditional Taxi businesses and budding entrepreneurs by providing them real solutions at an affordable cost. It definitely work against unemployment in Pakistan by giving own vehicles to those who are license driver but don’t have their own Car. With a team of experienced and insightful app developers, Bravo vows to extend a solution that will satisfy all requirements of market and its members.

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